Darling Mercado
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One-on-one personal training. Outdoor Sydney Australia. High Kettlebell Swings.
I had always been a gym junkie - the kind that went to those boring classes at my local gym. I wasn't seeing any results and I was just pure bored! I had signed up to some personal training as well at my gym but I found that these PTs weren't pushing me hard enough and would rather get me to do a couple of reps and have a social chat with me. My body needed a challenge. Because I was working 7 days a week, I couldn't find a trainer that was willing to train me at 6AM on a Saturday morning. Until I found Pete. He didn't turn up at 6AMto have a social chat with me. He turned up at 6AM to make me work my butt off!  
 And here I thought I was fit! Until I was put through a series of a mentally and physically challenging program. I also had a lower back problem from working in front of the computer 7 days a week. Pete implemented a kettlebell program to strengthen my core. And it worked. I have no issues with my lower back now! I also love the Bootcamp sessions which implemented a mixture of strength & conditioning and intense cardio, which at times, made me cry, in a good way.  
 Not only has my training with Effective Momentum Fitness fixed my back problems, I got stronger and lost fat and gained muscle in my whole body composition. As well as my body changing, Pete and Ronnie also instilled in me the discipline and passion for fitness. I blame these two for my health & fitness addiction. I recommend Effective Momentum Fitness to all my friends because I'm a firm believer of their health and fitness programs. I thank Pete and Ronnie for turning me into a machine. I have now taken up MMA and Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and the men at my gym can't believe my level of fitness. They all ask me how I can keep up with the men, and I always reply with "I trained with Effective Momentum Fitness". Word of warning though for whoever decides to train with Pete and Ronnie - you will turn into an awesome fitness freak

Sarita Luke
I would just like to give a BIG THANK YOU to Effective Momentum Personal Training, Ronnie and Peter you guys are by far the best personal trainers ,thank you guys so much for all the hard work,t he pushing, the patience, the love and the support you have put into helping me achieve one of the biggest goals that I've been struggling with. Without yous i can honestly say, I wouldn't be where I am today. So Thank You, I love yous.
Sarita was the winner of our TOP DOG CHALLENGE and lost 33kg training with us for 4 months.  

Rebecca Robinson
Special Needs (Cystic Fibrosis Personal Training). Great rehab personal training to get sick clients such as Cystic Fibrosis sufferers to excellent fitness. www.effectivemomentum.com.au
My name is Rebecca.  I have Cystic Fibrosis (a disease affecting my lungs and digestive system) which landed me in hospital earlier this year. It was a difficult two months with 14 days spent in ICU. By the time I left hospital I had lost eight kilos and was on Oxygen 24 hours a day. I also had to use a machine to help me breath at night called BI PAP (assisted ventilation). It was a difficult time. Fortunately the Cystic Fibrosis Association asked if I would be interested in support from a Personal Trainer to help in my recuperation. That was when I was introduced to Peter from Momentum Fitness. At first the thought of working with a Personal Trainer was daunting, my muscles were wasted from my extended time in ICU and I still needed oxygen to breath. However I was soon put at ease as we started the program, gradually building up my strength and confidence. Peter’s positive attitude and encouragement helped me believe that I could get better, stronger and continue to improve my lung function. It wasn’t long until I was off oxygen, off Bi Pap and back to walking and bike riding. He tapped into the things that I love doing like boxing and making the session fun. I am very grateful for his expert support and motivation that helped me to regain my health. Thanks Peter!

Kylie Almond
Boot Camp Fitness Training with EFFECTIVE MOMENTUM FITNESS in West Sydney
Two great trainers that show you how some exercise can truly benefit not only your body but your mind!
I've been working out with both Peter and Ronnie for a year now and clearly the results are amazing, from doing just over level 2 on a shuttle run when I first started to now doing just under level 7, I'm sure if I didn't miss the last shuttle run ( beep test) I would of reached level 7. I have lost well over 10 centimetres from around my body.
After going to the gym and only ever doing the same thing time and time again I needed a change, every time I joined a gym I always ended up dropping out within 3 months. Been bored with work-outs is one reason I think most people give up any form of exercise.
Peter and Ronnie's natural spark and flair for life shows in their style of boot camps, boxing and kettle bell class. They have both encourage me to achieve more then I thought I ever could, who would of thought I would ever go for a run wearing a 10 kilo vest?? or having some tires harness around me?
I love been able to beat the young guns in any boot camp session, 2 years ago, mentally I would of given up before I even started. Now I love to push myself and show the young guns that us " oldies" can do just as well.
I say to those who have tried the gym, or working out with friends then stop after a few months, to give Peter and Ronnie a go, they have a way with been able to encourage you and work with you.
Boot camp is great for those who don't like training by themselves , everyone at boot camp is there for a reason, to get a great work-out, not only do the trainers help you out, but all that attend will also encourage and help you, during boot camp you will always hear people yelling out " great work sister" " your doing well" and our favourite "not long left to go".
Don't think your not fit enough to join in, just after a few sessions you will see the results for yourself. I love it when new people start and after a few sessions the change in their ability is a fantastic thing to see, this is not only great for them, but I find this empowering for me as well, as it reminds me of my first boot camp session and of how far I have come.
I now spend about 4 nights a week working out with Peter and Ronnie and all the other clients that attend Peter and Ronnies class, I now have that Zest for life that had been missing in me for years.
Peter and Ronnie I want to personally say thank you, without you guys I would be sitting on the lounge every night watching TV. I've since made some amazing friendships, been able to keep the weight off (25 kilos) and hopefully inspired/ showed others that with some hard work there are amazing results one can achieve at any age
Kylie Almond
Operations Administration Supervisor

Affordable One-one Personal Training with EFFECTIVE MOMENTUM FITNESS
It has been a great pleasure of mine to train with both Peter Saili and Ronnie Lupo. These two inspirational people are the knowledge and experience behind Effective Momentum personal training. I have personally been off and on the fitness wagon for years and not surprisingly with little results, I have tried training ...with friends and a variety of other trainers in the past, But it is not until I put my trust in Effective momentum that I have achieved my fitness goals. Ronnie and Peter offer training that is evidence based and designed to deliver results. Their support of my fitness journey and their belief in my ability is what has been missing from my attempts in the past. I personally recommend Effective Momentum to anyone who is serious about going after what they want. Grateful client of 18 month · Comment · · View Feedback (3)Hide Feedback(3) 
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